Man hand cuffed by Queensland Police charged with assault, theft, fraud, trespass, breach of DVO, murder, rape, sexual assault in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan


Murder, Rape, Assaults, Robbery, Break and Enter, Drug Offences, Fraud Offences, Serious Driving Offences etc. 

Car reckless, speeding, hoon driving on Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan streets booked by Queensland Police for Criminal & Traffic Law offence


Unlicensed Driving (Suspended and Disqualified), Drink and Drug Driving, Speeding, Hooning Offences, Careless Driving etc.

Driver licence of young woman who is charged with drink, drug, unlicensed, suspended, disqualified driving, speeding, hooning in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan

Work Licence Applications

Work Licence Applications - Loss of Demerit Points, Drink or Drug Driving etc.

Young woman fending off a physical event of domestic violence assault, undue influence, harassment, emotional abuse, neglect

Domestic Violence Orders

Domestic Violence based offences, Breach of Domestic Violence Orders, Domestic Violence Applications and / or Defense

Elderly female member of our community experiencing elder abuse fraud, assault, neglect, undue influence, harassment, wills & estates

Elder Abuse

Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys, Assaults, Neglect, Theft etc.

People who experience a mental disability or condition are often victims, casualties, prone to offending behaviour such as elder abuse, assaults, theft, fraud, Centrelink fraud, undue influence, negligence, harassment

Mental Health

Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys, Assaults, Neglect, Theft etc.

Court house inscribed on marble columns hears civil/criminal/traffic/dvo/drink and drug driving matters

Civil Matters

Consumer and Trader Disputes, Fence and Tree Disputes, Neighborhood Disputes, Court Representation, QCAT Submissions and Representation

Offences involving fraud, Centrelink fraud, embezzlement, unjust enrichment, theft and stealing that involve Australian money occur in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Cleveland

Debt Collection

Letters of Demand, Arrange for Service of Documents, Conduct Negotiations, Drafting of Settlement Documents