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Who is XL Legal?

With an unwavering commitment to client care coupled with professional values and proven performance, XL Legal is the modern firm of choice for legal representation in the Brisbane area.  Specialising in Criminal and Traffic Law, XL Legal can provide expert legal advice, guidance, drafting and court representation concerning your current legal matter.  We pride ourselves on building a strong and rapid rapport with clients by way of exuding a caring and empathetic nature.  We do understand the pressure and hardship that a legal matter places on a client, and as such, are prepared to offer our full ambit of legal services to ensure a quality outcome in a personable and informative manner.  XL Legal speaks a language that clients understand. 

Our History

When it comes to previous employment, XL Legal's Principal Lawyer David Fitzgerald has an interesting and varied background.  From working in Western Australia as an underground diamond driller to consulting as a senior recruitment specialist, David has enjoyed a wide exposure to both blue and white collar industries within Australia.  This has provided a unique opportunity to build a diverse base of business acumen, people skills and the ability to form strong long-term relationships.  Ultimately, this gives XL Legal a potent edge when it comes to communication and negotiation with all parties involved in a legal matter; such as the Police and the Court.  This is an invaluable benefit to the client. 

With respect to the law, David has practised as a Criminal and Traffic Lawyer for established firms in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Central Queensland and Northern New South Wales.  He has engaged with a wide variety of clients from all walks of life, from trades people to bank managers.  XL Legal has the range of experience to pursue a clients best legal interests.       

Our Business Model     

Based in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, XL Legal aims to service clients and their legal matters within the following regions:-

  • Brisbane
  • Ipswich
  • Logan
  • Cleveland 

The XL Legal business model incorporates a number of serviced office partners within the above regions.  All serviced offices include a number of convenient facilities for XL Legal clients such as a staffed reception, foyer, private offices, on-site parking and disability access.  Importantly, all serviced offices are modern, professional and comfortable spaces that reflects the image of XL Legal.  This model is deigned to take pressure off the client by reducing travel time and costs (such as public transport and parking) when attending a legal consultation.  Ultimately, XL Legal is proud to be partnered with a number of convenient and contemporary serviced offices where confidential legal consultations can take place.  

In summary, XL Legal is a dynamic and modern Criminal and Traffic Law firm that provides a tailored legal service to clients in need of compassionate, committed and results driven representation. 

Practice Areas

  • Criminal 
  • Traffic 
  • Drink Driving 
  • Work Licence Applications 
  • Domestic Violence Orders
  • Elder Abuse 
  • Mental Health 
  • Civil Matters 
  • Debt Collection







'The end of law is not to

abolish or restrain, but

to preserve and

enlarge freedom.

For in all the states of 

created beings capable 

of law, where there is no

law, there is no



John Locke









David Fitzgerald - Principal Lawyer at XL Legal - Experienced Criminal and Traffic Lawyer, assault, theft, drink & drug drive

David Fitzgerald; Principal Lawyer

A graduate in Law with honours from the University of Southern Queensland, David has specialised in the practice of Criminal, Traffic and Civil law.  David has an unwavering commitment to client care, values and results.  Ultimately,  David's focus on the delivery of professional outcomes to all clients drives the philosophy of XL Legal.

Elizabeth Belle; Legal Secretary

Elizabeth is primarily responsible for administration duties including word processing and data entry.  Furthermore, her background in graphic design and marketing helps the firm to achieve a strong online presence.  As such, Elizabeth is an invaluable member of the XL Legal team.